In January 2020, Manifesto TO consulted with University of Toronto’s iSchool to complete an experience design project for their artist submission process. The process involved musical artists applying to perform at the annual Manifesto music festival and their monthly smaller events. I created service blueprints with a design team and we hit the ground running. Here was our process:

We mapped out a rough sketch of the current artist application journey.

Based on user interviews, we assembled a persona to create the experience for.

We created an AS-IS journey map to visualize how the current experience was being perceived.

We conducted interviews with artists and employees of Manifesto and sent out a survey to understand pain points in the current experience. We created an envisioned TO-BE journey map that would remedy pain points.

We designed a new information architecture for the Manifesto website, which included an Artist Portal. We designed wireframes and created a prototype to visualize the new experience.

Here is the prototype.