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Tree Testing

After creating our first sitemap, we performed tree testing with the same 5 user groups (Donor, Volunteer, Employee, Agency, Food Bank User) to understand how the new proposed IA would be received by them. We asked each user to perform 8 tasks and analyzed the results. The following changes were made based on our key findings:


With the insights from the tree testing, we created our final sitemap and medium fidelity prototypes of the main category pages with sub-category pages listed.

The following are just some of the medium fidelity prototypes we built.

After writing our final IA report, we delivered the sitemap, prototypes and research to the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Daily Bread Food Bank. We put together a pitch deck and presented our findings in January 2018.

First slide of our pitch deck


  1. Involve stakeholders throughout the entire redesign process. Get them excited about the redesign and be transparent with your research methods.
  2. Practice triangulation with your research. Let the data from card sorts, tree tests and cognitive walkthroughs guide you, but not completely govern you. Let interviews and literature reviews provide the context that shades in gaps in the data.